Trane Variable Speed Air Handler

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The Trane TEM6 Air Handler - TEM6A0C60H51SA

The other significant part of your new HVAC system is the TEM6 Air Handler, which is just as good as the heat pump. With several notable features of its own, like:

-          All-Aluminum Coil: A coil, which is far superior and more efficient than ever before. Furthermore, the coil is more durable as well and more resistant to leaks.

-          Trane CleanEffects™ Compatibility: In order to make the air circulating through your home a tad bit cleaner, Trane has made the air handler compatible with CleanEffects™ which is an advanced filtration system.

-          Highly Efficient Variable-Speed Motor: The variable motor allows for prolonged operation at a lower noise level.

The culmination of these qualities and more make the air handler from Trane a winner among other air handlers.

The Heater

The last piece of the puzzle is the heater. Choosing a heater that is fully compatible with both the air handler and heat pump is crucial, as it will determine the final efficiency of the system as a whole. However, it is important to remember that having an efficient system is not enough, the system has to be maintained as well. The air running through the system will always have dust and other microorganisms, and given the environment surrounding components of your HVAC system, you will quickly notice that mold spores have taken over and you now have molds in duct. Furthermore, the problem is heightened by the fact that filters will eventually get clogged up, and without proper upkeep, will drastically reduce the efficiency of the system. Therefore, whenever you notice that something in your system is wrong, hire air conditioning services immediately and set them on jobs like air duct cleaning, mold removal and for extensive problems, air duct replacement.